Father is gone. I remember the night in the hospital, when mother came out of the ICU room and said these words to me. My body froze and it felt like being dragged into vacuum. Tears welled up, but they weren't enough. I thought I'd cry more, but I guess I had already used most … Continue reading White

Fools in Love

"Fool is the one who thinks love takes months or years to form shape, that love needs to flow with time and talks and meetings, that the ticks of the clock decide what our hearts must feel.  Little do they know that love isn't a weekend getaway, or a vacation defined by days or weeks. … Continue reading Fools in Love


"Ever notice a tree? It stands tall with pride, Welcomes you in the shade when the sun hits you hard. Protects and comforts you in every season, dull or bright. Gives you the company of its fellow birds and never lets you feel alone, no matter how alone it stands in a field. Gives you … Continue reading Roots.