I wake up exhausted and unlock my phone

Feeling so beaten up and misunderstood

Trying hard to bridge the gap I’ve created

I guess I want back my days of childhood.

I remember the bonfires every winter

Mothers howling over sweaters and scarfs

How we all would run outside to celebrate

Breathing in some rye and sun with open arms.

Where have you been, where would you go?

Dreaming and planning isn’t so safe anymore

I would give anything to have a moment alone

To sit and happily count the ants on the floor.

The world is now a game of connecting dots

Where is my doll, my hair clip, my book?

Why don’t we play chess with dad anymore

Mother, why do I have to learn how to cook?

Do you remember us sitting on that bench

Knees scratched, clothes dirty, yet having fun

The park was our world, the ball our chase

Now the storeroom is locked with toys broken.

Where is the yellow bus carrying our songs

Where is the homework, the heavy backpack

Where are the classmates who we ignored

God, I want all that back, I need all that back.

Bring back the sweets our grandmas made

Bring back the summers spent in the pool

Bring back the giggles under the blankets

Bring back our lives that had no rules.

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