“You’re ugly”, shouted the little boy pointing a finger at her. All the other kids started laughing. She kept her head low and walked away. But she couldn’t walk away from that word: ugly. Every morning, she looked herself in the mirror. Just stared at her own reflection until those shapes stopped making sense to […]

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Scraped Off

I’ve been away for a while, my friend. Things have been crazy or maybe my mind is. I’m living in a new house now, moving away from the one where I’ve spent my entire childhood. It’s a mixed feeling, honestly. As happy as I am to be in my new home, how can I ever […]

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  I haven’t been feeling quite like myself lately. Or maybe I don’t know myself all that much. There’s a mad voice somewhere; somewhere inside me. around me. It’s whispering to me right now, telling me I shouldn’t write this, that I should stop. It’s laughing at me everyday, asking me to do things you […]

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Spiti Valley – A Dream Come True

“We started off as strangers, or merely solo travellers, walking on the same road towards the same destination. But little did we know that our journey will make us a family.”  On 11th August 2017, twenty six travellers packed their bags and boarded the bus to Himachal Pradesh (India) to explore this district called Spiti. […]

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The door’s unlocked, some secrets it hides. You begin to move in, first slowly and then racing, up the stairs, towards our room, our world, our little tragic world. You hear the silence, the moving of the air around, the stillness of the universe, crumpling all around you. Lying on our warm bed, wearing your […]

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I hope you’re there On a cold December evening When I’m sitting by the fire with a book in my hand. I hope you’re there looking at me from across the room, folding your hands and breathing in the warmth. I hope you’re there when the morning feels like a movie and our room is a […]

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A Blanket named Sky

Over the last few months, things stopped making sense to me. My job, my friends, my dreams – it all felt like a roadblock. As I keep emphasising on travelling so much on my blog too, I knew it was time I take a break as well. And so I left my city last weekend […]

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