A Blanket named Sky

Over the last few months, things stopped making sense to me. My job, my friends, my dreams – it all felt like a roadblock. As I keep emphasising on travelling so much on my blog too, I knew it was time I take a break as well. And so I left my city last weekend […]

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The Lake

The water smiled in circles as we threw little pebbles in it, sending out our innocent wishes and prayers with them. Taking off our shirts, we would race towards the lake and scream and jump into the water. How every summer vacation went by playing around the lake, ignorant of the heat, unaware of the world […]

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The Little Shop at the Corner

  Once upon a time, in a small town somewhere, lived a carpenter. William loved making furniture. Beautiful chairs, vintage coffee tables, royal beds, modern cupboards- they were his passion. He would spend his entire day in his shop just to finish every little detail of what he was building. The world of wood, tools […]

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The Road called Life 

  “My father was a wise man and I think about him often. Though we were poor, the little he gave us was all he had. My childhood wasn’t like the kind they show in movies. Our generation didn’t have as much as you all do. We didn’t have many clothes or even toys. Books […]

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Book Review: Milk and Honey 

This is the first book review that I’m writing. I’ve read hundreds of books and many of those have moved me in ways I can’t express here. But lately, a strange feeling has stirred up inside me, thanks to the book I just finished reading. Milk and Honey is a collection of poems written by […]

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The Art of being Conformists

All those years of schooling, attending college, getting a degree were merely about getting a job, or weren’t they? We’ve learnt many things in life -how to make decisions, how to choose between wrong and right, how to express and what not. But still, STILL, there’s a major gap between what we want and what […]

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I am Terrified

Dear Toys, I am terrified of giving you up for books, for uniforms, for school, for homework, for learning how to add all these numbers. Don’t let me grow up, toys, for I am terrified. Dear Art, I am terrified of running away from you, for bowing down for money, greed, shame, for sitting behind a […]

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The Window Seat

The window seat of a train, where two strangers sit across, looking out at the world.  As the train passes a village, the girl sees women walking barefoot, carrying pots on their heads, with children in their arms. The hot sand clung to their feet, the sun walking with them, the pots heavy on their […]

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Make A Wish

  This happened last year. I used to teach English to a group of underprivileged children as part of a Non-Profit Organisation. For me, Tuesdays and Fridays meant spending two hours with those children, teaching them, making them laugh and learning from them as well. They became a huge part of my existence and still […]

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